Quotes Because this is the last time I will be pregnant, I wanted to celebrate my baby belly. Stace made all my dreams and visions come true. I showed her a few photos I found online and she brought it all to life. I have a large Metal print in my entryway. Its so beautiful and shiny. A definite show stopper. Quotes
Last Time Pregnancy

Quotes Stace was so amazing. I was totally nervous as I haven't done anything like this. Her gowns were so perfect. and the poses made me look like a goddess. Quotes

Quotes I've lost a lot of weight in the past year. I wanted to celebrate my new body. Stace made me feel so comfortable even half naked. lol The album is so beautiful. Thank you again for making me feel so sexy. Quotes
Boudoir Baddie

Quotes Stace is amazing. I couldn't be happier. My favorite are the angle wings. Who said pregnancy couldn't be sexy. Quotes

Quotes I absolutely LOVE my maternity photos. I used someone else with my first baby. The difference in quality is unreal. I got a beautiful acrylic album with a matching box and a huge canvas for the hallway. Thank you again. Quotes

Quotes Your wings made me feel like a VS angel. Love my album its so beautiful. Thank you for giving me the perfect gift for my fiancé. Your amazing. Quotes
Victoria Secret has a new model

Quotes I was super nervous to do a boudoir shoot. Stace made the whole process feel so natural and comfortable. I didn't know this mom body could look so sexy. Forever grateful! Quotes

Quotes My modeling portfolio couldn't be better. You are so easy to work with. Your suggestions made it a breeze. Great job. Booked lots of new gigs! Quotes
Tiffany Mars

Quotes I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed my boudoir shoot. I haven't felt that sexy in years. The pics are amazing. Thanks again Stacia! Quotes
Miss Robins
Sexy Lady